What is an escape room?

An Escape room is a series of clues and puzzle that must be solved to complete a task.  First, you might be trying to escape a room (you will never really be locked in).  You may be trying to 'escape' a room, in other words, get out.  You also may see it as an 'escape' from reality as you are immersed in an alternate time and place.  

Is the escape room appropriate for children?

Children under 13 are welcome to accompany adults into the rooms.  Many of the puzzles may require a more sophisticated thought process so a group of children under 13 together may not be successful.  We want to set everyone up for success so we ask for an adult for support.  Children at any age in the room will be charged the full price.  

Do you clean your equipment?

Equipment is cleaned after every use.   

Can I use my own Steam Account?

Not at this time.  We try to offer a variety of content for all ages but as a public facility we want to control what is viewed from our location.

What is a VR Arcade?

Virtual Reality =  near reality

Arcade = Games

So a VR Arcade is a bunch of games for which you wear a VR headset and immerse yourself in the game.  

Are we really locked in?

No.  At no time will doors be locked.

How many people are in an escape room at one time?

Due to space, each room is limited to 8 participants at one time.  

Will there be other people in the escape room with me?

This is a possibility.  The room booking will stay open until it is filled to 8 people.  While we understand that working with others can be daunting, the more brains the better!

What if we don't want other people in a room with us?

The more people in a room the better.  You are able to completely book the room to make it private.  Bring friends!

Can I take pictures?

You can take pictures in the VR experience but not in the Escape Rooms.  We ask that all phones are put away before beginning the escape.  This is to prevent any leaking of information about the room to others that may want to do it.  

What if I can't make it to my session?

Your booking is non-refundable, however, we will try to work with you to reschedule.  Please give us at least 24 hour notice.

What if I have another question?

Give us a call!